“So Live Your Life...”

#LivingYourBestLi(f)e blog would like to take you on an enriching journey through biweekly blogs centered around teaching, empowerment, and growth with us, founders of United Paths.

We started United Paths because we realized that therapy wasn’t accessible to everyone and -- to be honest -- we were tired of working for mental health corporations that do not represent our ideals and values. We wanted to create something with heart, mind, and soul but most importantly something intentional that shares our collective vision for mental health care.  We are so blessed to have a significant amount of support on this journey. 

Our aim at United Paths as therapist and women of color is to truly make mental health accessible to everyone. We are using this blog as a conduit to achieve this goal through sharing tips, stories, and experiences with you all that will help set you on the way to thinking about mental health and wellness in ways you haven’t before. 

#LivingYourBestLi(f)e will help readers decipher between authentic wellness and social media trends. We want to expose true wellness in this era of quick trends and cool solutions. We will welcome suggestions on topics you would like for us to cover.

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